I SPY: Got The Itch

Dec 3, 2015

Are you itching to travel?  I have got the itch to go back to Marrakech in Morocco, since my idol on Instagram @sincerelyjules is currently there and is killing me with all the photos she's been posting in the last week.  I was there seven years ago, in the dead of summer…6 months preggers with my lil' guy, and my big guy was only 3 years old!  Awww.

Looks beautiful right?  That tile work is making me drool!  HA.  But it seems donkey years ago though.  I can barely remember the details of our trip.  I just remember having an amazing time, and coming home very enlightened.  But it's time to re-visit and make new memories with the kids.

I tend to not like to go to the same destination twice, since there are a million other places to visit in this big world.  But I've discovered this app called Hitlist.  You tell them where you want to go, and they'll notify you when there are amazing deals.  Or they also offer suggestions for other great various getaways such as bicycle friendly cities, best for photography, sunset on fleek, etc.  It looks cool and is a pretty unique concept.  I just joined so can't tell you more.  But if they do notify me with an awesome cheap ticket to Marrakech, you can be sure that I will be taking advantage of that!  Get the Hitlist app, and maybe they can make your dream trips come true and save you money.  It's a free app, so why not!

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