I SPY: A Game Changer

Dec 14, 2015

Need to get in touch with your feelings?  Sometimes a good cry is the best.  But we've been taught to control our feelings and hide it from the big bad world.  Haven't we?  But not at this place…The Museum Of Feelings.  They encourage you to let it go and take an emotional journey.  But in a fun way.  No crying involved!  PROMISE.

It's a pop up interactive installation…FREE, which adds to the hype!  You first walk in as a group of 20-25 people at a time, and are given a short introduction, while everybody's silhouettes create a cool rainbow across the wall.  Then you begin your tour of the five customized galleries, with 3D glasses:

1. OPTIMISTIC - Radiant Berry scented in a glowing pink crystal room.

2. JOYFUL - Pine Tree scented forest of LED lights.

3. INVIGORATED - Blue Odyssey scented with a lit interactive dance floor.  Jump!

4. EXHILARATED - Blooming Peony & Cherry scented kaleidoscope flower room.

5. CALM - Vanilla & Lavender scented fog room.

Through different colors and scents each room aims to trigger your emotions, through your five senses.  Your imagination and soul will lead you to feel many things, and your emotions will be turned into art, and have you leaving in euphoria.  Or at least that's how I felt.  Amazing what mirrors, lights and aromatherapy can create.  No drugs or alcohol involved, but I was definitely tripping in there!  Especially when meandering in the forest of lights.  Could play in there for hours!

So VERY cool.  It's sponsored by Glade and turns out to be such a clever way to advertise their products.  This is such a game changer in marketing, it's genius!  I wish I found out about it sooner so I could visit again.  Would LOVE to hit repeat!  But no more time.

It ends tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15, 2015.  So hurry if you want to experience this.  I know this is extremely short notice.  SORRY.  But I tried once last week to go before closing and the line was too long, so they stopped allowing people to join the line 3 hours before closing time.  That obviously irked me to get sent away.  How dare they!  HA.  But when this kitty is determined, she will wake her butt up early on a Sunday morning, and get in line an hour before opening, with breakfast and coffee in tow, and stand another hour after opening, till she gets in the club.  Crazy I know!  But those two hours were worth it.  Good things come with patience.

If your not a die hard like me, or can't get to it before the exhibit gets taken down, your alternative is to login to their website and have some fun taking a Mood Lens selfie.  We are all living in a selfie dominated world aren't we?  So hey, one more for the gram!  Try it out.  My aura was read as PEACEFUL…now that's the first!  HA.

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