I SPY: Mind Over Matter

Nov 23, 2015

Do you think I resemble Chrissy Teigen?  Quite a few people have said she is my doppelgänger.  Maybe it's the high cheekbones and puffy cheeks we both have?  Well I should take it as a compliment!    Besides her beauty and adorable husband John Legend, she is a woman who has a great sense of humor, loves to eat and is releasing her 1st cookbook in February 2016.  I can't wait!

On Chrissy's blog she posts a lot of recipes.  One I saw a couple of weeks ago was this Vegetable Pasta recipe, which has been kept on the back burner but never got around to it.  I was partially thrown off by the prep work involved in making the vegetable noodles.  Looked like that required too much patience!  Well, Wholefoods has once again come to my rescue.  HOORAY.  Over the weekend I saw that they have started selling vegetable noodles - zucchini and squash already peeled into noodle strips.  Grabbed a box in the fresh produce section, and made it for dinner last night.  Ta - Da!

It was so simple to make, less then half an hour to prep, cook and serve.  The garlic, chili flakes, and cheese made it yummy.  I put loads!  Probably killed the healthy part of the dish with the cheese, but hey at least I'm still sticking to my no meat and no sugar diet till Thanksgiving!

For the kids I did allow them to have a little spaghetti.  But whole wheat!  However they only found their little surprise of spaghetti noodles at the bottom after they ate all the veggie noodles on top, so it was a win win situation.  They ate the healthy stuff, and now I know they eat veggie noodles.  Will definitely be doing this more often.  You should try it to, if you haven't already.  Mind over matter!

P.S.  Veggie noodles, just like regular spaghetti noodles can also be slurped!  That is the real reason why we love to eat spaghetti right?  HA.

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