I SPY: Juicing In A Pinch

Nov 5, 2015

Are you a morning person?  I'm definitely not and it's a legit struggle every AM.  Even more so now that the suns rising later.  God help me!  I'm a night owl, so asking me to go to bed before midnight is a no can do.  I work best at night in peace and quiet after the kiddos are in zzz land.  But weekday mornings kill me, especially when my big guy needs to be out the door for school at 7:15am to start his walk.

Why does school start so early?  It's turning me into a sour puss!  HA.  But enough griping and being a bad Mommy.  To be honest my big guy hasn't been getting a good breakfast like the way he use to back in elementary school.  We wake up too late, and the coffee needs time to kick in before I can function!  So he's been left to fend for his own breakfast.  Usually either a yoghurt, or I've been making a big batch of flax seed muffins and leaving them on the counter top for him to grab on his way out.  Not the worst.  But after telling you in yesterdays post about my one a day green smoothie, it dawned on me that he won't be benefitting from it.  Pity, because he loves those smoothies.

So I've decided to fix that problem and make juicing in a pinch.  I figure, if I can prep and measure the veggies and fruits the night before, put it in a Tupperware and store in fridge, my eleven year old can take it out and throw it in the blender by himself.  Then he can pour it in a take to go flask and drink it on the way to school.  I've started.  Step 1 done.  Half the battle is taken care of…I think!

Look like a yummy plan?  A fruit salad over a bed of spinach and kale, reserved to be mixed in the blender with coconut milk, and a frozen pack of acai berry in the AM.  I hope this works.  Fingers, toes crossed!  Even if it doesn't get done in AM it's pre-prepared and he can make one for himself when he gets back from school as his snack.  Some how, some way he will be included on our green smoothie binge.  Remember…just one green smoothie a day will make a difference!

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