I SPY: Hotline Bling

Nov 11, 2015

You know who my #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) is?  Sincerely Jules.  Look her up on Instagram.  Out of the 100 people I follow, she's the only one I must see on my Instagram feed daily.  She never disappoints!  I love her style, face, lifestyle, business model…EVERYTHING.  Yes I'm obsessed!  She's got amazing style, mixing cheap with designer, boho to chic.  I'm quite picky and nobody can really pin point my style.  But Sincerely Jules ahhh…she could pack for my next trip, and I'd be sure I would be happy wearing anything she put in my suitcase.  That's trust!

Well yesterday she posted these $200 Frends headphones on Instagram.

I just bought very similar headphones on Monday.  But mine are cheap from H&M for $30!

Coincidence?  Great minds think a like!  I must admit her headphone shape is more special with that sphere point.  But I was going more for the color.  Rose Gold & White is hot.  Same look just for a helluva lot cheaper from H&M.  My new prize!  Ear muffs to keep my ears toasty this winter while I listen to Drake and his Hotline Bling.  Honestly so over that song!  HA.  Get bling'd out, or gift them.  The holidays are coming up peeps!

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