I SPY: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Nov 9, 2015

How fast do things move in NYC?  In a blink of an eye!  Over the summer I walked past the Love Wall by James Goldcrown on Kenmare Street between Mott and Mulberry.  To be exact…14 weeks ago, so says my Instagram post!

Yesterday after brunch in Soho we walked down to Nolita because I wanted to show my friend that same wall, but…WHAT?  It's gone!  Instead the Care Bears by Jerkface are occupying that space now.

While it wasn't what we were expecting, it turned out to be a nice surprise.  To add to the eye candy was these butterfly wings by Kelsey Montague across the street.

Then when you turn the corner on Mulberry Street between Kenmare and Spring you will find these two new additions by ASVP & Hanksy.

Cool?  One block radius filled with four fun murals.  Obviously got me excited, because you know I have this thing with walls!  Especially LOVE street art.  If this strikes your interest catch it while you can, because what's here today is gone tomorrow in this ever changing city.  I heart NY.

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