I SPY: Going Peanuts

Nov 13, 2015

Have you seen the new Peanuts Movie that was released last weekend?  We finally went, as part of my lil' guys line up of one of the many special treats he got for his birthday week celebrations.  Bonus was we saw it at a movie theatre where they have lazy boy recliner chairs.  The only way I want to watch a movie in a theater now!

We've been patiently waiting since summer to see it.  Every time we've gone to the movies in the last few months we kept seeing the poster boards, and my lil' guy would want to take silly photos with the Peanuts gang.  You know he's a born poser!

It's been a heavily advertised movie, with a lot of hype all over.  Seems like the media was going peanuts with the theme, because thats all you heard about the month before the release date.  InStyle magazine wrote an article titled Peanuts-a-Porter, a swing off Net-a-Porter?  It was about the fashion the leading ladies would be wearing to the big premiere.  Of course it had to match the personality of the character they played!  The fashion analysis was cute.

My nail salon Bling Spa where I did my nail art last time, had mock up samples of Peanuts designs.  Cute, right?  No I did not get that done, in case your wondering.  But I have a friend who's been a long time Snoopy fan and I know will be all over this.  Watch her!  HA.

So we had to join the hype, and went to the movies Tuesday night.  I enjoyed it because I grew up with Snoopy and the gang, so it was nostalgic for me.  However my kids weren't overly impressed, sorry to say!  Kids these days are use to high action movies, with special effects and animation up the wazoo.  The Peanuts Movie in comparison was basic for them.  Besides that, there was a lot of dialogue for my lil' guy to handle, and the message was quite philosophical and deep.  But we sat through it, even though you could see he was getting antsy towards the end as he was fighting to not fall asleep.  We can cross it off the list now, however I wouldn't say it's a must see at the movies.  No rush!  Save your money.  You can wait for it to be released on Netflix.

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