I SPY: Frightful Craves

Nov 3, 2015

When the weather outside gets frightful what do you crave to eat?  We LOVE Korean Bar - B - Que.  It's a lot of fun to eat family style, and that heat coming off the grill warms you up immediately as you cook at your table.  Not forgetting to mention that it is absolute DELISH.  Only down side is you walk out stinking of bar-b-que, and if you over do it like we always do, *ahem*, you gain an extra layer of meat around your belly.  But all in a good way, because our New York frigid temps will burn that off, right?  Or so I bluff myself!  HA.

We've been to our share of Korean Bar-B-Que joints.  It's my kids #1 choice.  They're mainly all the same and offer the same menu, but Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is our most recent acquire and I must say the best.  It's a newbie joint in NYC, down in Korea town, that has good ventilation and serves excellent quality of meats.

Hungry?  This is definitely a place to come starving, and eat yourself silly.  But come early before the lines start.  It's also open till the wee hours of morning so has become a hot supper spot for after party goers.  Basically it's always crowded!  But it's worth the wait, and once your in you must try the kalbi short ribs, pork belly, and seafood pancake.  All the marinated meats together with the complimentary assortment of side dishes: veggies, kimchi, cheesy corn, and steamed egg makes it THE meal that has drawn mega chefs like Anthony Bourdain into this restaurant to try.  Now go get in there and you be the judge!

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