I SPY: Devil Wears Prada

Nov 2, 2015

Did you dress up for Halloween?  After all my great ideas from unicorn to runaway bride…I ended up going as the Devil Wears Prada.  It was the easiest!

No props except for the Prada label stuck to my forehead!  HA.  The horns were my natural hair twisted in buns, and I wore some cheap-o fashionista mix match of clothes that could be mistaken for Prada!  A bit of a butchered job, but it was as creative as I could get with so little time.  Plus I also had to make sure I'd be warm enough and comfortable running through a haunted house.

Four 11 years olds and I went to Scared By The Sound.  Heard of it?  It's a whole production of actors and actresses dressed in costumes, paid to freak you out!  We were in there for a good half hour if not longer holding our breaths from room to room.  The kids were pissing their pants, and I can't say I was any braver!  Each room was different and had so much detail and thought put into the design.  There was a crazy asylum, meat hangar, vortex, fortune teller, prison chamber, and the list goes on.  Actors were dressed in costumes accordingly and were not allowed to touch you.  But definitely came close enough to intimidate you, or worst, back you into a corner.  Luckily no one cried!  Unfortunately no photos allowed.  However I guarantee you it was a fright fest and a impressive one.  A high end production with strobe lights and the works that I highly recommend.  It was so AWESOME, I can't wait to go back again next year!  Yes I'm a kid at heart!

After all that screaming and anxiety we were hungry.  Couldn't take the underage crew to a bar to watch the baseball game 4: Mets vs. Royals, so ended up at the diner to tune in with a bunch of other freaks!  FUN.  I think I'm regressing in age, because I honestly had a blast with my big guy and his buddies: Minnion, Tom Brady, Pac Man and the Gorilla.  It was wild, but I know the trick to keeping boys quiet.  Feed them!

The winner of all costumes and photos from the night was my lil' devil Eddy.  Look at him…he was feeling it in this photo!  ROAR.

We had a FAB halloween and I hope you did to.  Till next year!

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