I SPY: Building On Memories

Nov 19, 2015

What are some of your best childhood memories?  Mine are experiences.  Last week as you know was my lil' guys birthday.  My boys have understood since day 1 that I don't give toys for their birthday.  They get plenty from friends and family and I don't need to add to the clutter.  However, my present to them is their birthday party.  Not a toy, but an experience.  Also in the last few years I've started adding on another special event, so we can celebrate privately as a family.  Last year we went to Medieval Times.  This year we did a basketball game for my older son, and a hockey game for my lil' guy.

This was my kids first hockey game!  EXCITING; especially for the birthday boy.  New York Rangers vs. St Louis Blues.  It was fun, even though my lil' guy wanted to see more fights!  HA.

However, one of the most memorable things of the night that the kids won't forget is this super drunk dude on our right!  A week later we are still talking about this.  HA.

Funny right?  We've all been there!  A life lesson learned at the ice rink.  Know your limits boys!  Huh?  They don't understand now because they're too young.  But one day when the boozing starts I think it will all come back to them, and we will laugh again about this poor dude who went over the top.

This is what I call building on memories.  It's experiences such as these I feel are more important to spend on then material things because memories last forever.  Agree?  Something to think about with the holidays around the corner.  Gift an experience, and build memories.

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