I SPY: Breakfast Of Champions

Nov 12, 2015

Who got a mega sugar rush yesterday?  My lil' guy turned 7.  Not so little anymore.  But in my eyes always the baby.  My Veteran's Day baby!

It's tradition in our house for my birthday boys to wake up to a decorated table with gifts and a breakfast of champions.  Cake for brekkie!  This was our unconventional cake.

Heard about these Jars by Dani that I bought at Dylan's Candy Bar?  It's delicious mystery in a jar!  There's a handful of flavors.  We tried cookies n' cream, original fudge and white chocolate.

Each jar is filled in layers of chocolate, cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips and other things I can't quite identify!  Only the white chocolate flavor had actual cake inside.  The other two had brownies as the base.  My favorite was the original fudge flavor.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will LOVE these.  It's a genius concept.  Packaging is old school and cute.  I'm itching to go back and try the other flavors now.  My memory recalls seeing a Reese's peanut butter something flavor that I can't stop thinking about!  But I didn't get it for home since my lil' guy is allergic to peanuts.  But I could go secretly to Dylan's Candy Bar and have that treat on my own one day, couldn't I?  HA.  Unfortunately not available online YET, but soon to come says Jars by Dani.  Be patient you folks who don't live near a Dylan's Candy Bar.  It's maybe a good thing it's not so accessible!

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