I SPY: Something Blue

Oct 22, 2015

What color are you wearing this Fall?  Black, Grey and Beige do not count as a color!  In the fashion world Orange, and Green tones are big in stores now.  But how about this Blue color?
Photo Credit: www.theliverspot.com

Have you seen it around?  I was walking through Barneys yesterday and saw multiple designer accessories: bags, fur, and scarves in this color.  I think it looks fresh.  It's a color!  But muted enough to work with my monotone wardrobe, and not too loud a pop of color to be glaring either.

What do you call this color?  Celine calls it 'Baby Blue'.  Hate the name!  It's not baby.  It's chic.  It looks a little Periwinkle too, but not really.  Whatever color it is, I like it!  I need to get something Blue…besides Navy.  But before I can wear this new color I have to come up with a better name for it first!  HA.  Suggestions?

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