I SPY: An Outdoor Gallery

Oct 6, 2015

Can I recommend something for your Fall to do list?  While the weather in NY is still bearable you need to get out to Bushwick in Brooklyn and check out the Bushwick Collective street art.  It's mad real.  I checked it out over the summer and I guarantee you it will blow your mind.  If it doesn't then I don't know what will!

Is that for real you say?  Yup, looks like a picture but it ain't.  The detail is unbelievable, and to think it was all done by spray can paint.  Wow.  TOP.  Definitely the best graffiti I've ever witnessed.

Hop on the L train to Jefferson, otherwise plug this address into your GPS and you will get within the vicinity: 454 Troutman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  Most of the murals I spotted were along Troutman.  Except the super realistic face which was on the corner of St Nicholas & Jefferson.  You've got to take a trek out to Bushwick, and see for yourself to enjoy this outdoor gallery.  It's an on going project, so I myself need to take another trip out soon to see any new murals they've added to the collection.

Better to do this sooner then later.  This city is forever changing, and without notice things just disappear in a second.  Just like 5 Pointz, which was a real shock as it was once upon a time a graffiti mecca.  Obviously the city planners didn't feel the same when they tore the building down in 2014 to build a condo.  You know how money talks.  Big SHAME.

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