I SPY: Nail-ing It

Oct 29, 2015

Have you noticed that nail art is trending?  In the past few months I've been seeing many walking around NYC with their nails decked out in bling or an intricate design.  I finally caught on that these designs are not decals, their hand painted.  WOW.  This is what I've been admiring of late, because I'm amazed by how much detail can fit on a tiny nail.  That takes some skill man!  Thank God for some very talented nail technicians out here, with a super steady hand, who are becoming artist in their own right.  I met one yesterday, Ian from Bling Spa, and decided to skip my usual minimalist black french mani and be adventurous.  HA, you know I'm a sucker for these things!  I went with a Mets team spirit theme, hence the navy, orange, baseball and Mets logo.  Nail-ing it for the World Series this weekend in NYC.  Let's go Mets!!!

Crazy?  I feel like I'm 16 again!  HA.  It's fun.  It was $10 more then a regular mani to do 3 nails with designs, so not overly expensive.  Time spent to do artwork was an extra half hour added to a regular mani.  So not bad, and no reason why I wouldn't do it again.

How about you?  Maybe try something for Halloween?  Look at this site for 45 great halloween inspired nail art ideas.  Add some flair to your costume, or even if your just going as yourself this year then allow your nails to be in spirit so your not a total deadbeat!  Halloween is a time when anything is excusable no matter how old you are.  So use it to your advantage to try these crazy trends!  Please send me photos if you do.  I would LOVE to see everyone's spark of creativity.

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