I SPY: My Rice Boy

Oct 21, 2015

I've told you before that my lil' guy is nicknamed 'Rice Boy'?  That's because he eats rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It's an Asian thing!  But since white rice is now frowned upon because it has no nutritional value I've been convinced that it's time to try to get healthy, and kick bad habits.  Especially after I was at the Asian supermarket and saw two chinese families walk out with a bag of brown rice in their cart...It made me get thinking!  Always room for improvement.  So we started tonight!

I mixed rice with quinoa in the rice cooker tonight - 1 cup of quinoa to 1 cup of white rice, and 1.5 cup of water which is a little more then the regular cup I usually add just for white rice.  Cooked it in the rice cooker as usual, with no added ingredients.  When I opened the rice cooker I curled my nose up.  Looked weird!  But honestly it tasted fine.  Really fine!  I  thought the kids for sure would disapprove it when served, so I was prepared to hear a lot of whining.  But surprisingly they didn't care!  My rice boy did ask why the rice looked different and I told him that's the new rice the store sells.  LIE.  But now that I know the kids do eat it willingly I wish the Asian grocery stores would start selling 25lb bags of rice mixed with quinoa, to stock in my pantry, just like they do with plain white rice.  Yes we go through rice fast in this house!

So this was a break through in my house that I had to share!  What healthy changes have you made in your household diet?  Maybe this story will inspire you if you haven't made any.  It doesn't hurt to try does it?  Next I'll try adding brown rice together with white rice and quinoa, and gradually weed the white rice out all together.  You think we can do that?  CHALLENGE accepted!  HA.

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