I SPY: Mister Ed

Oct 15, 2015

Are you obsessed with my dog?  If you are you will be happy to know that Eddy now has his own Instagram account!  Follow his dog life @_mister.ed

About time?  Yup, time for Mister Ed to stop clogging his Mama's camera roll and share his million shots with all those crazy dog lovers out there.  It is also my way of allowing my kids to be part of social media, which my oldest especially is dying to get on.  But I haven't given him the reigns to that yet.  So the boys will be co-photographers in this project, and I will do the posting and editing of what makes the cut.  God forbid they post ugly photos of Eddy!  HA.

Check out @_mister.ed feed.  I posted never seen before photos of him as a newborn.  He's the chubby guy on the left.

Doesn't he look like a little monkey in this photo?  HA.

Here's when we got him at 6 months old before his 1st hair cut.

Looks like a totally different dog, doesn't it?  Come follow my handsome stud @_mister.ed  We will now have to make him Instagram business cards to hand out when the next person stops him on the street!  HA.  Watch out world…here comes Eddy!!!

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