I SPY: Mets Colors

Oct 19, 2015

Have you been following baseball?  Our NY Mets are kicking ass!  In a city that usually wears black, were suddenly seeing a surge of color.  Blue and orange to be precise, and a bunch of Harvey jerseys.  Or is that only my son who has been living and sleeping in his for the past week?  HA.

Even our nature has been sporting the same team colors!  Blue skies, and orange, yellow, and red leaves have sprouted.  It's screaming AUTUMN.

Time to take a drive to catch the Fall colors in bloom?  I love doing that during this time of year.  This in my opinion is nature at it's best.  The autumn colors are intense and oh so picturesque.  These photos were taken this past weekend in our neck of the woods, in Westchester County, where the Fall foliage has only just begun.  Further north has already reached near peak, so imagine that!  Here is a site where you can keep up to date on the Fall Color Reports in our NY area.  You've only got a few more weeks to catch this before all the leaves drop.  Don't miss it!  

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