I SPY: Dining With Flynn

Oct 26, 2015

What were you doing when you were 16 years old?  Cooking up a storm?  Yes, being a pain in the you know what to my parents at home!  HA.  But not literally cooking in the kitchen, unlike Flynn.  This is the teenager I had the pleasure of dining with yesterday for lunch.  A 16 year old boy from Los Angeles, who's opened a pop up restaurant in the West Village…EUREKA.  It's named after his LA homes street name where his chef skills all began.  To learn more about the history of Flynn's career read this.

Look at the eight course tasting menu he whipped up for a party of 11 people.  Simply AMAZING.  It was all very tasty, but not overly rich in sauces.  Everything was fresh and cooked to perfection.  We were stuffed upon completion of the 8 courses, but not feeling sick which I'm thankful for!  It was mainly vegetarian plates served which helped to keep it light, with only the 7th course being meat.  A good balance.

1st Course: Peanut Ritz Crackers, filled with Foie Gras and Quince chutney.  Think gourmet after school snack!

2nd Course:  Cabbage with tomatillo and olive.  Who would of thought that something so simple could be delish.

3rd Course: Bread grilled with cheese fat.  Anything with fat is YUM.

4th Course:  Hamachi warmed over embers with radish and chicories.  This was my favorite dish.  I just loved the tart, and sashimi - esque lightness and freshness of the whole dish.

5th Course:  Sunchokes with pistachio, asian pears and barigoule.  First time eating a sunchoke, which is similar to an artichoke.  Do they sell this at the supermarket?  I like it.

6th Course:  Grilled beets, dry aged for 3 weeks, over embers, its own greens and beet bordelaise.  The beet was so meaty it was filling on its own.   I could be a vegetarian if someone cooked for me like this!

7th Course:  Rib eye, grilled mustard greens, eggplant and preserved lemon sauce.  I was pretty stuffed at this point but still walloped this plate down!  It was that good.

8th Course:  Spiced parsnip cake, buckwheat ice cream, pickled pear and black sesame.  When this dessert was presented I curled my nose up.  It sounded weird but was delish.  I loved how it wasn't to sweet, nor heavy.

Is that talent or what?  This kid made me feel bad about my cooking skills, and I'm not even that bad in the kitchen!  But definitely not as creative.  Flynn's talent stemmed from both his parents being terrible cooks, and always ordering take out.  HA.  So for all the take out I order possibly one of my sons could become an overnight chef?  I won't object.  I could use a chef in my life!

To reserve a seat to dine with Flynn click here.  You can select lunch or dinner.  I'm definitely going back to try dinner now!

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