I SPY: Cheap Thrills

Oct 14, 2015

Who's NY Giants #92?  If you know, congratulations your a true Football geek!  I only found out at Michael Strahan's book signing yesterday that was his jersey number.  Um, what kind of fan am I?  OK I'll take a seat and join looserville!  HA.  Well obviously I'm not a fan from his Football days, but more recently when he got into show biz and got me hooked on Live! with Kelly and Michael.  There's something about him.  Especially LOVE his humor.  He makes me laugh every single time!

The other joke was me 'Miss Priss' wearing heels, lipstick and a suit standing in line for his book signing with a bunch of blue jerseys - die hard Giant fans.  Talk about looking like an oddball!  HA.  But you learn something new every day.  Standing in that line with those sports enthusiasts and listening to their Football talk for a good half hour made me realize not only is Michael Strahan hilarious, he also was IT on the field.  More reason to want to read his book and respect this man!

So yesterday HAD to happen.  Finally met him…of all places at his new book release Wake Up Happy at Barnes and Nobles yesterday.

Woo hoo!  Call me a groupie!  But yeah, those three minutes with him, my personal autograph, that hand shake and eye contact was my cheap thrill for the week! HA.

I've only had a chance to read the first chapter.  But that's enough for me to know that I'll like it.  It's off to a good start beginning in his teen years when he lived on a military base in Germany.  He already made me laugh out loud at the thought of him doing Jane Fonda workouts!  HA.  I won't spoil anymore for you.  But what I really like is that each chapter has a rule to life to ponder over.  Think about this…

Rule #1: 
Help can - and will - come from the most unexpected places.  Be open to everything around you.

Even though it's an autobiography it's also a motivational book.  We could all use some words of wisdom sometimes, right?  Check it out.  This may end up being another good standard Christmas gift to hand out this year!

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