I SPY: Black Buns

Oct 5, 2015

How was your weekend?  My Saturday was a complete cheat.  Blame it on the crappy, no show, hurricane pending weather we had.  Quite the drag.  We were stuck mainly indoors on Saturday, but luckily not confined to our house, or else we wouldn't of discovered THIS…the Halloween Whopper!

What is that?  Burger King's limited special.  A black bun that's been baked in A1 sauce.  It's the new buzz, that got the curiosity killing the cat, and I of course had to drive across town to try.  Now I'm at peace!

How was it?  No different then a white bun.  Except your poop may be green after!  HA.  That's what she said…not me!  Quite a few reviews floating around the web claiming that effect from the black food dye.  For the record I have not experience that though!

Hope I haven't thrown you off!  It's deliciously dark.  Worth the try.  Only 710 calories.  Yes, only!  One won't kill you.  C'mon, when else can you say you've had a black bun?  Just do it.  Now or never!

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