I SPY: Bad Boys

Oct 2, 2015

We all have an inner diva in us, don't we?  I've found rocker chic over the knee high boots from Schutz.  They're a statement piece.  But it's the weekend, and the moods got me singing "Bang, Bang into the room…!"  HA.

Feeling it?  I can see your eyebrow lifting!  HA.  Well ya of course if you wear it with a tight mini dress or shorts it can look extremely slutty!  But they can also be played down.  Think leggings, oversized sweater and these boots, or long dress with slit where these boots peek through…hmm?  When you don't want to look basic, it's the stand alone accessory to amp up any blah outfit.

If these are too loud for your taste, there are many other brands out on the market offering over the knee high boots with a lower heel, and no hardware.  It's a trending style and something to consider.  Give them a try before you turn your nose up to them.  They might surprise you once you've got them on.

That's what happened to me!  GUILTY.  Even though I noticed over the knee high boots were catching on last winter, I remained reserved and steered away because automatically thought, nah, they're going to over power me since I'm petite.  Well it actually works the opposite!  I look like I have legs for days when I have them on.  Obviously the 4 inches on this boot gives me a nice boost.   But also because it's a fitted boot to the top, it adds no bulk, and makes everything look slender and elongated.

Stay tuned to my Instagram page @ipsycandyblog to see what I end up wearing these bad boys with.  That's the only draw back…it is still too warm to wear these, otherwise I'll end up needing an assistant to yank these boots off my sweaty legs.  Not cute!  Need the cold to strut these.  The perks of winter weather.

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