I SPY: Looking Rather G

Sep 16, 2015

Have you seen my phone in the last month?  It's looking rather G (gangsta)!  HA.  Just before I left for Brazil I got a new phone.  A week later on vacation I'm playing on my phone in bed, in the dark, and go to place it on the night stand before passing out.  Miss the table by a hair, slamming it into the table in an attempt to catch it, which made the phone bounce into the wall and fly across the room!  OUCH.

Pretty bad, huh?  The worst my phone has EVER looked!  But now I'm punishing myself and refuse to get a new phone.  I don't deserve a newbie.  The cracked screen doesn't cut me anymore, because all the glass shards have fallen out already!  HA.  I've become talented to learn to read between the cracks, so it doesn't even bother me anymore.  But it highly bothers everyone else!  Grabs strangers attentions from a far, and I've received the most hilarious comments in passing.  It's become entertainment for me, and I kind of enjoy looking a lil' G!

Anyways, I'm limited to how much work I can do on my phone because I can't see detail through the cracks, nor edit photos.  You feel my struggle?  Thus todays post is short and lame, since I accidentally left my laptop in the city yesterday.  But don't worry, I know where it is this time, not like last year!  Remember that horror story?  All good!  Life goes on...

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