I SPY: Hometown Bar-B-Que

Sep 11, 2015

Can I flood your timeline with one more recent discovery in Brooklyn?  Got to end my picks on Brooklyn on a strong note.  Of course it's FOOD my favorite topic.  Also the biggest guilty pleasure I love to indulge in…Bar-B-Que!

In the middle of no where, (literally, thats how it felt driving out there!) in Red Hook, Brooklyn stands a Bar-B-Que hall called HOMETOWN BAR-B-QUE.  Welcome!

It's a big space, with plenty of seating, and communal tables.  But there is a line.  A long line.  But hold up…do not get discouraged!  It's worth the wait, and part of standing in line makes you want it more!  Sound crazy?  It is, but if your a true foodie you will do it.  Standing in line for an hour is all part of the experience.  HA.  It's not that bad.  Grab a drink at the bar to soothe your pain while you stand in line and you will survive.  Trust me!

This is their menu.  Didn't waste time nor stomach space on their sandwiches, so thus not photographed!

Got the brisket, lamb belly, pastrami bacon, beef rib, and the Siracha hot wings.  Along with queso mac & cheese, smoked pit beans with brisket burnt ends and potato salad sides.  I know…a lot for just two, but if your going to have to stand in line for that long you might as well try as much as you can.  Agree?

The winners for reason to go back again is the pastrami bacon, beef rib on bone and the queso mac & cheese.  Uhm…obviously even though stuffed to the brim we cleaned our plate pretty darn well!  CHAMPS.

You down?  Get there early before you loose to famine, and before they sell out.  Be prepared for a feast...followed by food coma!

Hometown Bar-B-Que
454 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
T: 347. 294. 4644

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