I SPY: Happy Bark - Day

Sep 28, 2015

Guess who's birthday it is?  EDDY's.  He turned 2!  We celebrated yesterday, just to have reason to eat cupcakes, dress our dog up like a fool and have our neighbors look at us and confirm we're weirdos!  HA.

Have you tried Sprinkles cupcakes before?  Been a fan for years.  If you don't have a location in your town you can buy their pre-mix online.  Their cupcake mixes are super easy to make at home.  Made them a handful of times on special occasions and have ace'd them every time!  Fool proof.  If I can do it you can too!  My favorite is the red velvet, and tastes as if it was store bought.

Well we got Eddy a surprise from there!  A pooch safe, sugar free cupcake made by Sprinkles.  The ingredients are unbleached flour, eggs, honey, vanilla and a yoghurt frosting.  This is a new discovery for me that they make cupcakes for dogs so had to try.  Picked one up for him, and of course some for us!  Thats the red velvet, chocolate and doggie cupcake you see.  How cute is Mr Ed's cupcake?

All bought from the cupcake ATM.  Look at this genius concept.  No more long lines!

Chow time!  Eddy isn't a foodie so didn't know what to do with the cupcake at first.  After a few minutes of sniffing he dug in.  The rest is history!  He has discovered that human food is delicious!  You can tell by that smile on his face.  HA.  Eddy approved.  Paws up!  Happy Bark-day Eddy!!!

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