I SPY: Grand Slam

Sep 14, 2015

Tired of hearing me talk about the US Open's?  This is it!  PROMISE.  The tennis matches came to an end yesterday and we have new Grand Slam champions.  I lost both my bets on Serena Williams and Roger Federer.  BOO.  Sign I should stop betting?  Never!

Flavia Pennetta is the woman's singles champ.  Congrats to her!  I was so ecstatic for her when she scored.  I was crying happy tears together with her on her win, and then when she announced that she was retiring I just lost all control.  How embarrassing!

Photo Credit: www.indianexpress.com

What an amazing way to end her tennis career and say goodbye huh?  I wasn't a fan of hers, and knew very little about her career, but by the end of her finals game I was!  She won my heart with that winner smile and so much warmth in her.  It's contagious.  Plus her fiancé is that hot tennis star Fabio Fognini who I was drooling over last week!  Now you know I watch sports for the wrong reasons!  HA.

Novak Djokovic won the men's singles.  UGH.  I was upset to see my man Roger loose.  But it was an awesome match that I was lucky enough to watch live last night.  It was all worth it, even though it started 3 hours late due to a rain delay.  These people were smart to come prepared with an umbrella.  However, the majority of us were forced to run inside for cover to wait the rain out.

Once the rain stopped we were all pumped for the match to begin.  The marine corps opened the ceremony unfurling the flag. It was a beautiful sight, and look at how big that flag was.  Almost the size of the tennis court!  HUGE.

The vibes at Arthur Ashe stadium last night was lit.  The fans were in full form.  The games were exciting through out the four sets.  The scores were very close.  It was extremely nerve wrecking and such a close call till the very end.  A lot of FUN.

Well there you go…What a night!  I can now shut up about tennis and catch up on some sleep!  Till next year…

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