I SPY: Back To Reality

Sep 1, 2015

Whoa, how fast did summer zoom by?  Way too FAST.  But the good news is I'm back…better then ever!  Had a perfect summer.  Got my tan, freckles and the sun bleached hair to prove the damage.  Plus a gazillion photos to share with you of my travels in Brazil, Hamptons and Marfa.  But not right now!  Please give me a week or two to catch my breath before I can fill you in on our exciting travels.  SOON.

Today we got to focus on 1st day of school.  Yup, you heard it…so long sweet summer, and now back to reality.  BOO.  Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks when I ran around like a mad woman trying to get re-organized for back to school.  Firstly, I had to bring my big guy to his new school to get orientated for his new year.  He is starting 6th grade today, and honestly it feels like I'm starting with him.  It's an over whelming adjustment - new school, new set up, and the big deal is…he gets a locker!  For those of us who grew up outside of the USA, we probably don't realize how big a deal it is to have a locker.  Well at least I didn't.  Until yesterday, when we showed up with only his box of school supplies to put in his locker, and everybody else came with shelves, bling, bedazzles, and decorations up the ying yang.  I kid you not!  The girls especially went all out.  Pucci print wallpaper, chandelier lamps, a mini rug, mirror…the works.  My gosh they treat their locker like their 1st apartment!  HA.  So one down for this Mama who failed to live up to the hype!  Thankfully my child is a boy and he really couldn't give a hoot.  It was stressful enough just trying to get the locker combo figured out and open!

So I am freaking out for my big guy today.  Legit.  I hope he makes it through the day somewhat ok, doesn't get too lost figuring out where his different classes are, and has no problems breaking into his locker!  Thankfully my lil' guy starting 1st grade is less stressful as we know his teacher and the drill at that old school.  We will find out in a few hours how the 1st day of school went for these kiddos.

But even through all the back to school frenzy I remembered to take photos of the boys in the annual tradition we started last year.  Remember this?  Well here is the 2015 update.

Thankfully not much has changed.  Still a night gown on my lil' guy!  Lets keep it that way.  HA.

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