I SPY: The Wall

Jun 4, 2015

Notice that it's either all about the floors or the walls these days?  Every blogger is trying to find that perfect wall as their backdrop to pose in front of.  Well I've discovered this new Instagram account @photogenicwalls.   Follow them if you love a good wall!

Mott & Kenmare, NYC - IG: @photogenicwalls

Macdougal & Houston, NYC - IG: @photogenicwalls

South lobby, 1 World Trade Center, NYC - IG: @photogenicwalls

How cool are they?  It's so great that they've given the exact location of each wall so you can easily find it.  Saving this info for my boys next holiday card photo shoot.  Geez, it's only June!  Why am I thinking about that so far in advance?  Because I'm FARAH and always way ahead of the game!  Not really.  But couldn't think of a better answer.  *wink* . HA.

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