I SPY: Move Over Louboutin

Jun 2, 2015

Are you over Louboutin's?  In yesterday's post I got a few sandal admirers.  They're AQUAZZURA'S my new found loves.  I have 2 pairs of theirs, the one's in yesterdays post and these you always see me wear.  LOVE their shoes, even though they cost a bomb.  But I'm not Imelda Marcos.  That's my Mom!  HA.   So I have a few pairs of shoes I invest in, rotate frequently and get my moneys worth from year after year.  No guilt!

The designer behind this fairly new line that the celebs have been flaunting is a Colombian man Edgardo Osorio.  Check out Hollywood celebs a.k.a Aquazzura Girls modeling these beauties.

So far both my pairs are flats.  No heels…YET!  My eyes are on these.

Too hot to handle?  Definitely an automatic MOOD changer.  I'm totally digging all the lace ups.  Move over Louboutin's, I got my new shoe crush!  Anyways I've felt for the past few years that Louboutin's were old news, so I'm happy to have some new freshness to the scene.  Aren't you?  

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