I SPY: Just Shoot Me

Jun 23, 2015

Are you a US citizen?  For all of us who are, chances are we've never had to hassle with getting a tourist visa.  There are only a handful of countries in this world we need to obtain a visa for prior to travel, and BRAZIL is one of them.  Yes I was shocked when I found out, so if you plan to make a visit to Brazil keep that in mind that you need to plan ahead to get your visa and can't just jet off on the spur of the moment.

It's been a tedious process.  At times I was like just shoot me!  It's felt like I've spent the last 2 weeks running around trying to get the long list of required documentation organized to support our application before our scheduled visa appointment at the Consulate of Brazil today.  From xeroxing birth certificates, utility bills, printing forms, airline e-tickets, notarizing signatures, preparing money orders and getting passport photos... I'm finally DONE.

For those of you whom are use to having to get a visa for almost every country you visit I must be sounding like a brat!  Forgive me - but this process and all the paperwork involved is foreign to me, and does stress me out. Hopefully I'm not missing any thing.  Fingers crossed all goes well today, and we can rest easy and be on our way to Brazil this summer!

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