I SPY: Hot Potato

Jun 16, 2015

Ever had a sty?  My lil' guy has had one for the last 3 weeks.  STUBBORN bugger, just like it's owner!  HA.  Well because he always seems to catch the weirdest things that Dr's are never sure of, he was sent to an eye specialist last week to get a second opinion.  Thankfully with the help of steroid eye drops and hot compress his sty is finally disappearing.  Barely there anymore!  PHEW.

When you think of hot compress what comes to mind?  A hot potato and towel?  I thought the Dr was nuts when her orders were to do hot compress on his eye daily with a hot potato.  She wasn't kidding!  Neither am I…nook the raw potato in the microwave for 1 minute then wrap it in a towel and apply to the area as necessary.

Easy right?  Works better then a wet hot towel that goes cold after a few minutes.  The hot potato stays warm well over a half hour.  GENIUS home remedy.

Surprisingly he was able to watch a whole cartoon show with just one eye!

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