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Jun 25, 2015

Wondering where my post is about my trip to London?  HERE…didn't forget!  Sorry, got caught up with my kids school activities and the hectic grind of life the past few days.  So let's rewind back to last week when I was in London for 4 days.  Short trip, but solely for the purpose of attending Royal Ascot with my family.  Our 1st time to attend, and it was FUN.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this event, it is a 5 day horse racing event, held at the Royal race course.  Dates back to 1807 when it became a tradition and a large part of British culture.  Many of the locals come to the event to celebrate, or else have private parties in lieu of the races.

The Ascot Racecourse is a little over one hour drive from central London.  However with traffic, it took us at least 2 hours to arrive at the race course.  The last 45 minutes was spent sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a one way street leading up to the venue.  Not joking!  I had time to get out of the car, grab drinks at a pub along the street and make a potty stop, then walk 10 minutes up the street to still find the car sitting in traffic.  Obviously didn't move much!

But it's all worth it and part of the excitement!  As you pull up closer to the venue and have to walk up from the car park you can see the mass crowds gathering and walking in.  It kind of looked like a block party!  Food stalls, people with their booze, picnic baskets, men in suits, and ladies in their hats and semi formal attire that was either hit or miss!  Some lovely, some not, and one girl caught wearing flip flops…too shocked to be able to take a photo in time!  HA.  But the men generally looked good in their suits which is a standard uniform and less room for creativity and error.  But yeah many of the ladies looked rather cheap, and I could write a whole different post if I wanted to be nasty!  HA.  But I'll be nice and won't go there! So here is a group of ladies well dressed. *wink*

We on the other hand were POSH sitting in the Royal enclosure area and had strict instructions to adhere to, unlike the regular Joe Blows out on the lawn.  Prior to the event my Sister sent me a 3 page document of the dress requirements.  It was mind boggling to read, but I was told to take it seriously, from the width of your straps to the size of your hats, or else the Fashion Police would catch you!  Had to be prim and proper.  This is what I ended up wearing.  A Halston Heritage dress and a hat from Suzanne Millinery.

Men also had requirements to follow for their morning suits and top hat.  They looked very smart and dapper in their Penguin suits!

Photo Credit: IG @sexytoalluring

The day typically begins with a Royal procession around 1pm - The Queen and Royal party make a grand entrance arriving in horse drawn carriages that parade along the race track.  Everyday the Queen wears a different color suit.  People place a bet on the color they think The Queen will show up in.  YELLOW - my Sister won!

After the procession the races begin, and ran till 5pm.  We stayed the whole duration, had a champagne lunch, cheered on horses, bet, walked the grounds, stalked the Queen (even though we never actually saw any Royal members in close proximity!), catched up with family and friends, and soaked it all in.  A long day that went by really fast though.

Such a treat to be there.  It's one of those once in a lifetime experiences I can now cross off my bucket list.  Or maybe not.  I wouldn't mind going back one more time to run into Kate, the Princess!  Was initially more there to meet her then the Queen but found out Kate was still on maternity leave.  BOO.  So maybe if I ever get invited again, Kate and I can have a nice chat on the very picturesque lawn.  Whatcha think?  HA.

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