I SPY: Food Coma

Jun 15, 2015

Ugh, weekends are never long enough are they?  Despite rain forecasts, we had beautiful weather this weekend in NYC and I happened to stumble upon a bubble party in Union Square that left me covered in suds!  It was an organized event with a huge crowd of big kids a.k.a ADULTS with bubble guns, wands, and a gazillion bubbles in the air.  Weird for NYC, yet very cool.  I hope they do it again next year so I can bring the kids and come prepared for battle.

But my main highlight, was you know, EATING at the Big Apple Barbecue.  OINK.  Had the usual ribs and brisket sandwich.  Salt Lick Bar-B-Que is still my #1 for brisket.  As their slogan says…Like No Other!  It's all about the sauce.  Which by the way you can buy from their website.

But tried something new this time.  Jim'N Nicks Bar-B-Que was serving up sausage with pimento cheese and jalapeños on saltines.  LOVE.  I might just have to try and replicate that at home.  Easy enough I think!

Tired of looking at food?  That's pretty much how I felt after.  I once again out did myself and stuffed myself silly.  HA.  Mega food coma after sent me into zzzz mode and I had to take a long nap to recover!  Ahh…a perfect weekend.  If only we had an extra day off!

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