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Jun 10, 2015

Is this restaurant week?  NAH, thats next month.  But on this blog it is!  Folks I have a phone full of FOOD snaps that I must share and purge immediately to free space.  So-o-o here we go with another food posting…your going to LOVE this one!

Lets talk about farm to table.  No better way to eat then that.  ORGANIC is all the rage, and besides the huge difference in the quality and healthy aspects of the food your stuffing in your mouth - TASTE.  I was lucky to have dinner at NARCISSA recently and to enjoy this porn.  It's a farm to table restaurant in the Standard East Village Hotel, that serves their produce grown locally at the owner Andre Balazs' Hudson Valley farm, Locusts on Hudson.

We sat in the open kitchen room, that had good floors.  You know that's an automatic like to feed my tile obsession!  The bigger plus was that two tables down from us was Spock from Star Trek, Zachary Quinto.  WOO HOO. Celebrity sighting.  You know I'm a groupie!  HA.  But I must admit that I had no clue who he was at first until pointed out to me.

First up the BREAD.  Nothing like fresh warm bread. Then the butter…mmm.  We had to put a stop to  them bringing another basket!

Moving on to the appetizers - the scallops were bite size, sweet and sour cauliflower was a complimenting side, the beet salad greens were so crisp fresh, and the carrot fries - Now I don't even like carrots…but these didn't even taste like carrots!

SEARED SCALLOPS: Pastrami spices, buttermilk, radish salad


ROTISSERIE CRISPED BEETS: Bulgur salad, apples, creamed horse radish
CARROT FRIES: Jalapeño tofu dip

The main course - the steamed bass was delicate and not overly sauced, and that rib eye steak was cooked to perfection and just melted in your mouth.  I can honestly say it is one of the best steaks I've had.  The meat quality was TOP.

STEAMED BASS: French curry broth, lentils, toasted almonds 

24 OZ BONE IN RIBEYE: Slow roasted, with little gem salad, sea-salt potatoes

Dessert was a compromise between the chocolate tart or the maple ice cream sundae.  Our waiter convinced us that the chocolate dish was the winner.  It was interesting, but had a lot going on in taste between the chocolate, the roasted bananas, and the espresso ice cream.  I think he saw that we weren't loving his recommendation as much as he thought we would.  Was I making faces?  HA.  But before we knew it he brought out the sundae for us to try on the house!  SWEET.  The sundae did hit my spot.  Just simple, not overly flavored and the waffle served on top was a nice touch.

BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE TART: Curry roasted bananas, espresso ice cream

MAPLE HARVEST ICE CREAM SUNDAE: Maple ice cream, green strawberry sorbet, black walnuts 
Narcissa for sure lived up to it's hype.  Another trip back is a MUST though to try their short rib beef hamburger that made Grub Streets list of the 50 most important burgers in New York.  Do I dare make that list a mission?  I do.  HA.

25 Cooper Square
(5th St & Bowery)
T: 212. 228.3344

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