I SPY: Daddy's Day

Jun 19, 2015

What you doing for Father's Day?  I'm in London celebrating with my Dad at Ascot horse racing today!  FANCY I know.  I'll touch more on this spectacular event when I return home.  PROMISE.

I've shown up with the cheesiest gift ever.  But my Dad is the hardest man to shop for!  He has everything money can buy…except no trophy for Worlds Greatest Father.  So there you go, I'm presenting him with his 1st Oscar!  If you remember I also gave one to my Mom for Mother's Day, so I'm sure he's jealous and waiting for his! HA.

And do you see what my card says?  From yours truly his lovely conceited daughter!  *wink*

Cheers to my Dad…the #1 man in my life, an amazing Dad and Grandfather who loves to preach and is 99% always right.  I'm his 1% wrong!  HA.  At least I own up to being a pain in the a**!

What did you get your Dad?  I need ideas for next year!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there.  ENJOY.  With love from London xox

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