I SPY: Vegas Baby

May 4, 2015

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  What a whirlwind weekend I had.  The house was lit!  MGM Grand that is.  A full house Saturday, May 2, 2015 for fight night Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.  Glad to be part of the action and share with you some footage from the ring side.

Did you watch the fight?  It wasn't AS epic as I was expecting.  No blood, tame, and Manny didn't beat Mayweather's butt!  BOO.  But still a lot of fun just being there in the midst of the action, and stalking celebrities.  Everything worth not sleeping for!

At show time I was wearing the number above I found at Big Drop.  I joked that I was going to be Beyonce for the night, prior to realizing that the REAL Beyonce was going to show up and sit two rows in front of me!  HA.  What the what!  YES.

Photo Credit: www.vanityfair.com

Well the babe is flawless and of course owned the space in her hot red jumpsuit, with also a plunging neckline.  Beyonce had it together man!  Her posture was pristine, and her cleavage wasn't being over exposed.  Unlike my neckline which kept gaping open and giving more then just a side boob view!  HA.  Lesson learned - when you buy a low neckline item, even if it looks great and fits well standing up, please try sitting down in it and moving around because things start shifting.  I also made the mistake of applying lotion after my shower before I got dressed, so my stick tape wasn't sticking properly.  Serious wardrobe malfunction, which I ended up covering with my lanyard tickets.  HANDY.

There were a bunch of celebrities.  My FAVE being Mark Walhberg.  LOVE that man *wink*.  If you check out my Instagram @ispycandyblog there is a funny video I took of him.  He is a huge Pacquiao fan and through out the whole game he kept shouting out what was on his mind!  HA.

Here are a few other celebs in close proximity I could snap.

Mary J. Blige

Leonardo DiCaprio

Lukas Haas

Ben Gordon

Jay Z

Then of course there were others I couldn't identify.  But they looked like someone important with the sunglasses and everything!  HA.  What's his name?

Star struck!  It was a super short trip.  32 hours in Vegas running on no sleep.  But a lot of FUN and managed it like a pro.  Till I got on the plane at 6am and just CRASHED asleep!  Had to rush back to Mommy duties.  LIFE.

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