I SPY: Relationship Goal

May 13, 2015

Need some inspiration to get that summer bod in shape?  This girl did it!  Nothing fancy, just push ups for 100 days.  Watch her transformation on YouTube.

Now that's an easy enough relationship goal you can start with your floor isn't it?  HA.  Believe me I'm so not disciplined!  But I do know that after returning from Miiamo spa back in February, I came back with some muscle definition.  Obviously if you remember that post I was on a massage table more then anything else, so it's not like I was working hard!  But I did some form of yoga everyday when I was there, and I'm pretty sure holding plank position and all those core yoga poses are who I should thank for toning me up.  So ladies, go do your push ups STAT.  Wave the under arm jiggle goodbye!

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