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May 29, 2015

What day is today? National Coq Au Vin day.  Need to head to a French restaurant if you want that!  Yesterday was more interesting for my taste buds though.  It was National Brisket Day and Burger Day, and of course I took advantage of that and made it a reason to eat ONLY that.  GULP.   How dare they combine two FAT girl problems in one day!  HA.  It was also a good reason to enjoy the last day of Mad Sq Eats food fair I told you about in my Tuesday post.  Nobody at the food fair had a brisket burger which I was ultimately looking for to kill two birds with one bite.  So I forced my friend to get the famous Park Royale burger I raved about before from Crepe Suzette and I got the brisket sandwich from Hill Country to share.  Their bar-b-que is almost as good as a true brisket sandwich you would find in Texas.  Needless to say... I was happy!

Food for thought?  Well I've now become curious with national food days, so researched it, and had no clue everyday of the month is declared a different national food day.  For example this is the calendar for June.  Oh my gosh, can you imagine if I followed that daily food list?  I won't!  I can't!  However, I might sneak in National Doughnut Day on June 5, 2015 and impose Eat All Your Veggies day on my kids on June 17, 2015.  HA.

Learn something new everyday don't we?  Have a great weekend!

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