I SPY: The Buffet

May 12, 2015

Like a good buffet?  Over the weekend we ventured over to Queens again and ate with our foodie friends to kick off Mother's Day.

We ate at the most ridiculous all you can eat buffet.  I mean really…just look at the selection of Chinese, Japanese, and seafood.  This is just a small representation of what is offered.  There is way more!

Looks delicious?  I alone chomped down 6 plates of goodness, and couldn't breathe after!  It was hmm, hmm, YUM.  For $32 you can eat to your hearts content.  Talk about bang for your buck!

The kiddos loved it too.  Kids are half price.  Bonus for good behavior…there is a cotton candy machine!

You gotta try for your next cheat day.  Go eat your heart out baby!

The Buffet
20-07 127th Street
4th Floor
College Point, NY 11356

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