I SPY: Being Art

May 20, 2015

What is art?  At Frieze Art Fair there was an exhibit featuring 14 Instagrammers photos, that prior to this have been faces unknown to many, but now have become public icons outside the realm of social media.   

Richard Prince is the artist behind this who has pulled images from the internet and reproduced them printed on canvas, with supposedly no credit or approval from the original owners.  Now these images are being sold for big bucks.  WHAT?

Is this even art?  Apparently so, and there is quite a bit of controversy behind it of his rights to do so.  Is this considered theft?  By right anything we post on social media becomes the right of that network.  But there must be copyright laws protecting what goes public to prevent anybody from using our photos to their discretion, no?  Not only our photos but also the comments we post.  Thoughts?  Invasion of privacy and ownership?  

UGH.  This is the world we live in today.  Point being…be careful with what you post, because you will never know who's hands it may end up in, and how this may backfire on you.  I fear for our young and naive.  MY children!

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