I SPY: Food For Thought

May 29, 2015

What day is today? National Coq Au Vin day.  Need to head to a French restaurant if you want that!  Yesterday was more interesting for my taste buds though.  It was National Brisket Day and Burger Day, and of course I took advantage of that and made it a reason to eat ONLY that.  GULP.   How dare they combine two FAT girl problems in one day!  HA.  It was also a good reason to enjoy the last day of Mad Sq Eats food fair I told you about in my Tuesday post.  Nobody at the food fair had a brisket burger which I was ultimately looking for to kill two birds with one bite.  So I forced my friend to get the famous Park Royale burger I raved about before from Crepe Suzette and I got the brisket sandwich from Hill Country to share.  Their bar-b-que is almost as good as a true brisket sandwich you would find in Texas.  Needless to say... I was happy!

Food for thought?  Well I've now become curious with national food days, so researched it, and had no clue everyday of the month is declared a different national food day.  For example this is the calendar for June.  Oh my gosh, can you imagine if I followed that daily food list?  I won't!  I can't!  However, I might sneak in National Doughnut Day on June 5, 2015 and impose Eat All Your Veggies day on my kids on June 17, 2015.  HA.

Learn something new everyday don't we?  Have a great weekend!

I SPY: Liar, Liar

May 28, 2015

Ok, tell me is this website for real or what?  I just signed up Eddy as a service dog!  HA.  I know that is the biggest joke ever, because when have you ever seen a cute fluff ball service dog?  Well he will be your first...so ZIP it!  I have claimed him to be the medical alert for my youngest with a peanut allergy.  In real time for y'all who know Eddy you know that dog can't even kill a fly, nor is a foodie so could care a less about scent and him looking out for us is a mega joke!  But I did it!  Liar, liar, pants on fire.  HA.

Why you ask?  As you know Eddy has become my 3rd child, and he pretty much goes everywhere we go.  Especially on weekends when we are out and about he has no choice but to come in tow and in restaurants we smuggle him in as he has been trained to sit in a bag in silence.  He is an AMAZING dog in that sense.  Really.  My most well behaved child!  I actually have one!!

Also we travel a lot.  Last summer we had to pick our destinations and hotels very carefully to ensure that Eddy could join us.  This year…not so easy!  I desperately want to check out CANADA and stay at this new gorgeous spot by the lake.

Photo Credit: http://www.drakedevonshire.ca

Photo Credit: http://www.drakedevonshire.ca

Photo Credit: http://www.drakedevonshire.ca

Photo Credit: http://www.drakedevonshire.ca

Photo Credit: http://www.drakedevonshire.ca

Now do you understand why I want to go?  But they have a no pet policy.  This drove me to madness of how to bring Eddy and ended up with me spending USD 90 on a fake ID card just so we can go!

I'm patiently now waiting for the service dog ID to arrive in the mail.  Once I have that I'm scanning it and attaching it to my plead email to the Drake Devonshire to please allow Eddy on their premises.  How can they say no?  I hope this works, otherwise the joke is on me!  Hell no!!!

I SPY: Weekend Project

May 27, 2015

So remember I said over the long weekend I planned to get creative?  Well I found my down time and did it!  As mentioned in my previous post my goal was to make a wall hanging, and yup I got something to show!  Not as FAB as the one's I researched on Pinterest.  There is room for improvement and I could bedazzle and add on to it a bit more, but for beginners luck I think mine came out quite nice.

Watcha think?  I was inspired by this.  As that blogger said, if you know how to tie a knot, braid, use a pair of scissors then it's super duper EASY.  It does take time to cut all the strands of yarn, but thats the worst of it.  However I like the irregularity of lengths, and just ball parked each strand of yarn in double length of my arm span.  No need to measure precisely unless you want it to be a straight length all across.  But I wouldn't kill yourself over the length of each yarn.  Even if you want to make it all the same length you could always give the wall hanging a hair trim at the end.

If you want to give this a go, for starts you need yarn.  I used 6 skeins.  Two skeins of each different type of yarn.  I chose to go monotone in color, but used three different textures of yarn and feathers to add some dimension.  One of my yarns have metallic gold thread running through it which adds a nice luster.

You will also need a dowel rod (not pictured).  I used a 5/8" x 36" length dowel.  Or you could find a really cool branch?  The other basics you need is scissors, hanging nails (I used 3 to hang the rod), and a tape measure that I used only to make the pom pom tassels.

To make the tassels cut ten 6" length pieces of yarn, fold the strands in half and tie around with another piece of yarn to hold in place with a double knot at the back.

In total it took me about 8 hours on and off to do this.  I got everything at the art supply store AI Friedman.  Everything costed under $50.  Granted mine is not very ornate, but if you were to buy something like this off Etsy, it could cost anywhere from a hundred dollars if not a couple of hundred.

It was a fun project, that allowed me to zone out.  I hope to add on to what I started or even try a new one and experiment with rope, suede strips, beads, macrame…the list is endless!  I'm bursting with ideas.  Now when is my next long weekend?  HA!  Time is my problem.  Isn't it all of ours?  That's LIFE.

I SPY: Fueling Obesity

May 26, 2015

What do you think I did over the weekend?  You know I love food!  Especially food festivals, so I can't pass up on sharing this one.  The Mad. Sq. Eats festival is wrapping up this Thursday, May 28.  Just realized that I totally forgot to mention it to you.  My bad!  But they do it twice a year for the whole month.  So if you don't have a chance to catch it in the next few days, then no worries they will be back in Fall 2015, September 4th to October 1st, so mark your calendar.  Or I'll mark my calendar to remind you!

This is the list of participating vendors.  Over the years it's pretty much been the same usual line up.  No need to switch what works - they all bring something yummy to the table!  If you can't wait for Fall or are visiting NYC this summer and need to get your fix, then you can also visit the individual vendors restaurants or food trucks.

Being that I'm always in that area, because it is conveniently located across the dog park I am always lured into trying something from the festival.  Yup I know I am fueling obesity!  I blame Eddy for always dragging me that way!  HA.  The good news is that since I've been many times in the last month, I've tried one too many dishes and can recommend what's good from a bunch of the stalls.  Here we go…take notes so you don't waste calories on junk!

ARANCINI BROS: Talk about amaze balls, these risotto balls are addictive.  They have over 60 flavors, and they switch it up daily.  But if it's your lucky day get the bacon cheddar cheeseburger ball, the philly cheese steak ball or the bucatini fritti mac and cheese ball if available.  Those are the winners!

ASIADOG: Not your regular ball park hot dog.  How about a chicken dog with bbq pork belly, cucumber and scallions?  Nom nom.

BAR SUZETTE: They're know for their crepes obviously.  But their Park Royale Burger is hmmm so good with a fried egg, bacon, mushroom, cheddar and caramelized onions.

CALEXICO:  Chicken mole with pickled red onions and the Baja fish tacos are always my automatic go to.

FIRE BELLY KOREAN BBQ:  Big fan of their bulgogi steak tacos tossed with kim chi, and their spicy chicken wings.  Be prepared to feel a good kick.  Power through the burn!

LA SONRISA EMPANADAS:  You can't go wrong with the traditional beef or chicken.  But for something different try the coconut curry chicken, and the crab cake empanadas.  Fried to golden perfection.

MELT: The oatmeal bacon cookies and maple ice cream sandwich is my fave.  Actual chunks of bacon in there!  The red velvet ice cream sandwich was 2nd fave.

PAELLA SHACK: A meal on its own.  Try the shrimp paella.  The shrimp is super fresh.

RED HOOK LOBSTER:  Duh! Obviously a lobster roll is a MUST.

Dive in guys.  Bring friends and family.  The more the merrier, and then the more food you can try!  Let me know if you discover any other secrets that are YUM.  There's always a next time for me!

I SPY: Going Loopy

May 22, 2015

What you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?  For the most part I'm having a stay- cation in NYC.  Ever since Vegas I've been on the constant go for the last few weeks, which has driven me to going loopy.  I just need to stay put and CHILL.  I've got a long list of what I want to do, and have just added this.

Photo Credit: Conrad New York

What is that?  Prosecco ice pops.  Liquor infused popsicles.  YUM.  It's been trending in my Instagram feed in the past few days, and I'm dying to hit this spot.  If I don't get around to it this weekend, it for sure is a definite sometime this summer.  Something cold to beat the heat, and a view on a roof top bar is a double win in this city!  You should check it out too if your in the area.

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar
Conrad Hotel
102 North End Avenue
New York, NY 10282
T: 646. 769. 4250

I SPY: Wall Hangings

May 21, 2015

Do you know how to Macrame?  I want to learn.  I have a long weekend coming up and some hours to spare.  I'm going to test my skills!  Hopefully I can eventually make something like this?  GOAL.

Photo Credit: http://blog.freepeople.com/2015/02/about-a-girl-dayna-mance/

Nice right?  These kind of wall hangings are trending.  Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas and designs. I've been inspired to give this a shot after seeing these two beauties at Frieze Art Fair.

Ann Cathrin November Hoibo

Christian Holstad
The thing that frustrates me is that when I was in Bogota, Colombia I saw an awesome wall hanging that was CHEAP.  But stupid me thought that when I would get to Cartagena I would see more and then purchase it there before coming home so I don't have to lug it around.  WRONG.  Such wall art did not exist in Cartagena.  I was mad.  I'm still beyond mad at myself!  To the extent that when I returned from Colombia I deleted the photo of the wall hanging in my camera because I couldn't bare to look at it anymore!  Out of sight, out of mind?  Obviously not, because now I'm still craving for it!  HA.

I SPY: Being Art

May 20, 2015

What is art?  At Frieze Art Fair there was an exhibit featuring 14 Instagrammers photos, that prior to this have been faces unknown to many, but now have become public icons outside the realm of social media.   

Richard Prince is the artist behind this who has pulled images from the internet and reproduced them printed on canvas, with supposedly no credit or approval from the original owners.  Now these images are being sold for big bucks.  WHAT?

Is this even art?  Apparently so, and there is quite a bit of controversy behind it of his rights to do so.  Is this considered theft?  By right anything we post on social media becomes the right of that network.  But there must be copyright laws protecting what goes public to prevent anybody from using our photos to their discretion, no?  Not only our photos but also the comments we post.  Thoughts?  Invasion of privacy and ownership?  

UGH.  This is the world we live in today.  Point being…be careful with what you post, because you will never know who's hands it may end up in, and how this may backfire on you.  I fear for our young and naive.  MY children!
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