I SPY: Scent Of A Woman

Apr 16, 2015

What kind of fragrance do you like?  Sweet, spicy, floral, fresh, fruity or earthy and woody?  I'm drawn to the citrus, and natural aromas.  It's such a personal preference isn't it?  Really depends on your senses and personality, and how it mixes with the individual scent of a woman.

Well, recently while waiting for my train I was bored and started playing in Sephora.  I discovered they have this fragrance IQ quiz on a touch pad screen that helps you determine what scents your attracted to, and then personalizes perfume recommendations for you.  It's pretty fun if your not a big perfume person and clueless in this department like me.  Surprisingly it was on point and one of the recommendations was this.

LOVE it.  It's not over powering and doesn't make you smell like a old lady!  It has been striking the curiosity of a few strangers who've stopped me in passing…WEIRD I know!…but I'll take that as a compliment.  It means I'm not stinky!  HA.

The other Maison Martin Margiela female scents are also quite light, organic and fresh smelling.  They're stored in bottles that look like old apothecary jars with cotton labels that resemble the fashion designers Replica couture line.  The pastel colors lined up like that look so PRETTY don't they?

Photo Credit: www.collectivedit.com

Give the fragrance IQ quiz a try the next time you pop into a Sephora store and get a whiff of my new signature scent…FUN FAIR EVENING.

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