I SPY: A Personal Chef

Apr 29, 2015

So it's mid week, you've been at work all day, and the last thing you want to do is come home and cook dinner right?  Well thumbs up to the chefs at Kitchen Surfing for coming to the rescue of you NYC wolves running the rat race!

Who wouldn't want a personal chef?  For $25 a head a chef comes to your house, cooks a meal in 30 minutes and BAM dinner is served.  Sure beats take out.

We had the Poached Salmon, Lentil & Kamut Salad, and Pea Crostini.  HEALTHY and yum.  Nice thing is that the menu changes daily so you won't get bored.  Also they clean the kitchen when they're done.  You don't have to lift a finger.  Such a treat!  Find out more here, and if they cater to your zip code.  If so, these are the guys to call for dinner for two or if your entertaining friends at home.  Genius concept.  REALLY.  Bon appetit!

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