I SPY: Green Envy

Apr 21, 2015

Got a green thumb?  After returning from Colombia and Panama City and falling in love with Ace Hotel I've got this sudden urge to mimic that tropical paradise vibe.  Time to get some house plants.  But I've got a black thumb!  Any tips how to keep my plants alive?   Send them over please, because these beauties aren't cheap but look oh so-o-o lush.

Areca Palm

Prayer Plant

Spider Plant

Baby Rubber Plant

Ponytail Palm
Green with envy?  I just LOVE the foliage drama.  Found all these on a post on plants safe for pets.  Gotta keep EDDY alive!

If you don't have pets or kids then please get a cactus.  Another cool one on my hit list.  Maybe when my kids get older.  Otherwise for now I can just see it being a thorn in the butt!  HA.

Photo Credit: www.sitorial.com

Lets go green people!  I'm hitting the nursery this week.  Wish me luck keeping my new babies alive!

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