I SPY: Crystal Balls

Apr 14, 2015

Have you visited Madison Square Park in NYC lately?  There is a great outdoor sculpture exhibition called Gazing Globes in the park thats been on since February 2015 and I only got a chance to see now.  Hey gimme a break!  It was a cold winter, and I had cabin fever for most part.  HA.

I finally made it over to catch it before the exhibition gets pulled down this weekend April 19.  It is designed by Brooklyn designer, Paula Hayes.

Kind of reminds you of snow globes, right?  There are 18 crystal balls of varying heights to take a peek at.  All filled with tiny treasures that are abstract and cool.  Ranging from recycle and vintage industrial products, to crystal wands, and fairy dust.  If your in the area check it out.  It's a good freebie!

On April 30, 2015 they open the new exhibition Fata Morgana, by artist Teresita Fernandez in the park.  They've already started setting up for it, and it looks awesome just from the few photos I took.  I really look forward to seeing what it's all about.  Always something good going on in that park!  Worth the visit anytime for some free eye candy.

Madison Square Park
23rd Street between Madison & Fifth Avenue

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