I SPY: Ace Hotel

Apr 8, 2015

Is there a hotel you absolutely LOVE for whatever reason?  I'm totally head over heels for this Ace hotel's decor.  If you checked out my Instagram account you can see I went nuts taking photos at The American Trade Hotel owned by the Ace Hotel group in Panama City.

Why were we there?  On our way home from Colombia we had a 7 hour lay over in Panama City to connect to our flight back to NY.  I happened to see this hotel used as a back drop in a Barney's catalogue last month.  Truly love at first sight!  My original plan to take the kids on a city/canal tour quickly got canned, and instead I made it a point to have lunch and hang out at The American Trade Hotel whilst in transit.

*AHEM* I should be embarrassed, but I'm not - We had no hesitations in making ourselves at home at the lobby bar, using their plugs to juice up our electronics, with a open bar tab.  I felt so at home I almost took a nap there!  HA.  

Seriously though look at that tile!  It says a lot about the interior.  The decor was absolutely FAB and so much attention paid to every detail from color scheme, light fixtures, to textiles.  My head kept spinning, and I couldn't stop admiring for 4 hours.  Seems like a long time, but went by fast.  Beats any airport lounge!

Not only was the decor on point, but their Easter brunch was also DELISH in their lush dining room. It felt like an indoor greenhouse with an abundance of tropical plants.

Even their coffee bar Cafe Unido was hip.

They also have a nightly live jazz club, which unfortunately we weren't around late enough to check out.  But I'm sure is fun.  It looked swanky through the window, and had a pretty outside courtyard.

Ahh…I want to revisit Panama City.  Not just because of the hotel - even though it is my choice of residence!  But when we took a walk around the hotel which is in Casco Viejo (the old part of Panama City) the neighborhood looked interesting with a lot of character.  Not enough time to get a proper look though without feeling rushed.

On the flip side as we were driving back and forth to the airport (45 min/ USD 35 taxi ride each way) we saw some really neat modern architecture, and a city skyline along the water.  One building reminded me of Jenga blocks - the blue spiral building in photo.  Doesn't it?  My lil' guy said from the back of the cab 'Looks like NYC'.  Sure did minus the palm trees!  Such a bazaar old and new contrast between the two neighborhoods.  But got me really intrigued.

So thats my insider tip….if you ever have a long transit in Panama City you now know where it is worthy to plop yourself to kill time.  Check it out.  I hope you love it as much as I did!

American Trade Hotel
Plaza Herrera Casco Viejo
Panama City
T: + 507 211.2000
E:  enquire@americantradehotel.com

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