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Mar 3, 2015

When your phone falls is this you?  I have sympathy!  HA.

Photo Credit: www.obstacol.com

Are you forever dropping your iPhone?  If your like me who drops it at least every day, (I'm not exaggerating!) then maybe it's time to start using protection.  You've heard of Otterbox I'm sure?  It's indestructible, and I use it on my kids electronics.  But could never succumb to putting that ugly, bulky baby on my phone!

But over the weekend my friend shined new light on good protection that doesn't make your phone twice the normal size and can still fit inside my jeans pocket.  FINALLY.  Got to be practical here!  Check these babies out at Tech21

Photo Credit: www.lifehacker.com.au

So I confess, my phone has been cracked for months which is the cause for my un-fashionable interest!  Before I go and use my apple care protection plan and claim my new free phone, I better have protection on my new baby before I leave the store.  I might as well add this extra layer to my order for double protection?  Yes, I'm that hazardous!  Surprising I never dropped my real babies!!! HA.

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