I SPY: Spring Training

Mar 23, 2015

Time to get that booty in shape?  Oh yes, HAPPY SPRING, summer is almost here, and time to strip down!  The only good thing about winter is you can hide behind your coat.  But then to stay warm I also wear a million layers, and end up looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy!  HA.

I'm at that point where I need CHANGE in my workout routine.  How about you?  It's currently feeling very blah.  Here are some motivators that look fun and I plan on trying out in the next few weeks.

Spinning in water.  Not like I need another factor to make spinning more difficult.  But solely because I'm just dying to get into a pool!

Photo Credit: www.vogue.com

I believe I can fly!  Reap the anti gravity benefits.  I use to hang in the air when I was pregnant!  My pilates teacher use to hang me upside down to relieve pressure off my back.  It worked, but that was stationary. This involves movement.  Watch me make a fool of myself!

Photo Credit: www.manondekoning.prosite.com

Wanna be a kid again?  Trampoline classes that will pump up the cardio.  Looks like an awesome dance party, doesn't it?

Photo Credit: www.jump-life.com

Something different right?  Not your usual cardio, spinning, or yoga class.  I like to be DIFFERENT!  Change is good.  Get your spring training on.  It's show time gals!

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