I SPY: Smoky Eye

Mar 26, 2015

Do you know how to do a smoky eye?  The look has been growing on me, and I've been dying to try.  I went to Sephora last week and asked their makeup artist to teach me.  It turned out to be over a 10 step process, and over $200 worth of products and brushes.  Major TURN OFF.  Besides it was applied heavily and so NOT me.  When I came home with my make over the kids got scared when they saw me and said I looked like a vampire!  HA.

I'm not very good at makeup.  Actually I'm horrible at makeup!  I never learned to use brushes so always use my fingers to apply everything, and thats what has kept me limited in the art of makeup.  But I have found this 1 step product by Loreal that gives you the effect of a smoky eye.  Made for lame customers like me!  It's like a felt tip marker pen that you draw the line with, then use the tip of pen or your finger to smudge it out, or fill in and hey presto you've got an instant smoky eye.  BRILLIANT.

So you can go light as I've done…

Or you can build it up to get darker as shown in the ad…

Done it too light?  The way I've done my makeup probably doesn't look much to you, however considering I'm the girl famous for wearing white liner, switching to black eyeliner is drastic for me.  I need to work up to being comfortable to having a full smoky eye.  I prefer to keep it light and build it up over time to go for that night time drama.

Either way this is my choice of product for creating the smoky eye.  Try it!  It's so easy to use and comes in all different colors.  And it's cheap!  $9.99.  I'm considering to go back to CVS tomorrow to buy the brown because that would be softer and give a different effect.  Feel free to play!

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