I SPY: Packing Perfectly

Mar 27, 2015

What's the secret to packing perfectly and lightly?  People are always amazed that I pack so lightly.  Trust me, I didn't use to before having kids!  But now that they get priority of space and I limit the three of us to two pieces of luggage ONLY, in case we can't find a luggage cart, and so we can also fit in one taxi, I've had no choice but to learn to pack minimally.  Yes the kids have cramped my style!  HA.

We are off for Spring break on a new adventure!  So-o-o PSYCHED.

Before every trip I put on a mini runway show!  I try every outfit on and coordinate it down to the shoes and accessories for each day.  I typically have my daily itinerary planned out to make the most of every day in our new destination, so I have a good idea of what activities we will do, restaurant plans, etc. and can dress appropriately for each.  I admit it takes work and time, and I end up making a HUGE mess!

But it works.  I end up not over packing a bunch of shoes I won't wear.  That's usually my indulgence! Pre-planning also takes the stress out of thinking what to wear everyday when I get there, and keeps my suitcase organized.  The looks are already done.

Here you go.  Me in action!

Do you do the same?  Now you know what I do after the babies are in bed!  POSER.

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