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Mar 4, 2015

Tired of cooking?  I'm very uninspired to cook lately.  I think it's time to look up some new recipes to change up things in this house.  Any good ones you want to share?  They have to be quick and easy because I'm not a patient chef to chop and stand around the stove for hours, and also I'm very bad at measuring!

Well here is one for you.  You may not love it but I'm pretty sure your kiddos will.  SQUID DOGS.  A creation made by what I had in my fridge last night!  Nothing gourmet, but does the job.

1. Get healthy hot dogs from some place like wholefoods, thats organic, uncured, antibiotic free, no added hormones, turkey or chicken sausage etc. to make you feel a little less guilty if that helps!  Cut each link into about 1.5 inch chunks.  Grab about 5 sticks of spaghetti and push it through the center of the sausage.  Boil water, throw in the spaghetti threaded sausage bites, cook for 10 -15 minutes till al dente.

2. Chop up garlic and tomatoes, and wash a bag of kale

3. Sauté the garlic till brown in olive oil.  Add the kale and tomatoes and keep sautéing till all is wilted.  Add salt and pepper.  Then add in the squid dogs (spaghetti/sausage) and toss in well with the veggies. Add more olive oil to coat spaghetti if too dry.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes.  And kids….dinner is served!!!

Bon Appetite!  It's a balanced meal right?  Carbs, protein, veggies!  HA.  They're called squid dogs because doesn't it look like squid after you take it out of the pot?  Well it's a winner dish in my house and the kids have asked to take the left overs for school lunch.  LIKE.  I just killed two birds with one stone.  Oh yeah…now I have time to go outside and shovel!  UGH.

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